CIO is a For Benefit Corporation

CIO is a B Corp

We are excited to take action with you – our Channel Islands Outfitters community, partners and friends – to build a better world. We are excited to keep pushing the boundaries of how business can drive change…how our business, and you, our customers, can be the solution and truly build the movement to save the oceans and natural places. Now, every time you join us for an adventure, use your Co-Op Membership, or join us in our various conservation initiatives and educational programs, you are part of the change. By being part of CIO and helping build our pioneering business model you are helping change how business is done. Let me explain…

In July of 2013, Channel Islands Outfitters became one of the first 800 For Benefit Corporations in the world. B Corps are mission driven companies that have identified a specific benefit purpose that they are legally responsible for following.  Channel Islands Outfitters’ specific benefit purpose is to save the oceans and natural places. We are ocean lovers, it is our office, our playground, and our sanctuary. Through our business (and your involvement in it), we want to help build the movement to save the oceans; not because it sounds good on paper… but because we want to be the solution and create the tide of change.  The legal obligation of Channel Islands Outfitters IS to save the oceans and natural places.

As a B Corp our Board of Directors are also responsible for considering our stakeholders in all decisions. What’s the difference between shareholder and stakeholder?

Shareholder- someone who holds stock in the company and may be compensated for the financial success of the company.

Stakeholder- someone or something that has an interest in how the company behaves and who’s interest is not solely dependent on a financial gain.

Our stakeholders are:

  1. Employees
  2. Customers
  3. Community
  4. The Oceans and Natural Places
  5. Suppliers

And more than 80% of our shareholders are employees of Channel Islands Outfitters.

Channel Islands Outfitters has been vetted by a third party, B-Labs, to evaluate our commitment to our stakeholders.

  • Are we paying living wages? YES!
  • Do we give our customers a voice in the company decision making? YES!
  • Do we volunteer in the community? YES!
  • Are we working as hard as we can to reduce our impact on the environment? YES!
  • Do we use local suppliers that have a similar mission whenever possible? YES!

B-Labs interviewed us, evaluated our policies, inspected our documents and gave us a score of 121! (80 is a passing score and 200 is the max)

To read more about the reasons CIO chose to become a B Corp and how CIO is engaging the local community to help save the oceans, register for our annual town hall meeting to be held on October 6th here: 


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2 Responses to “CIO is a For Benefit Corporation”
  1. Terry says:

    Congratulations, CIO! Great job! Very proud of all of you!

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