Brown Pelican - Chuck Graham
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Brown Pelican - Chuck Graham

Pelican Whisperer

The four Taiwanese girls had never seen anything like it, but to be honest it was a first for me as well. I’m around California brown pelicans a lot, and I know juvenile brown pelicans can have a difficult time adjusting to life away from the security of their mothers and the nest.  When it … Continue reading



I just recently watched the documentary film called The Whale. This film showcases the life of an Orca, named Luna, stuck all alone in the fiords of British Columbia; a place called Nootka Sound. It is a beautiful story about humans and whales that I highly recommend (bring along some tissues!). If you have an … Continue reading

FREE T-shirt with Caves and Coves trips in November

It’s been almost 20 years since humans have been absent at the Channel Islands for 3 weeks straight. Who knows what has happened since the Oct 1st Government Shutdown! Perhaps the foxes have learned to talk (and if you haven’t already seen the video “What does the fox say“, check it out… pretty hilarious!). And … Continue reading

Happy Government Shutdown

The National Park Service has officially closed it’s doors, which is difficult to do on an island! Last time this happened in 1996 the shutdown lasted for  3+ weeks, and so we’re really hoping that our elected representatives can agree to appropriate funds for our National Parks to stay open as soon as possible. However … Continue reading

CIO is a B Corp

CIO is a For Benefit Corporation

We are excited to take action with you – our Channel Islands Outfitters community, partners and friends – to build a better world. We are excited to keep pushing the boundaries of how business can drive change…how our business, and you, our customers, can be the solution and truly build the movement to save the … Continue reading


Which Channel Islands National Park Adventure to Choose?

You want the most amazing experience your money can buy, and we understand. But what trip do you choose? CIO guides have over 250 years of combined experience, and we all have our favorites. Here’s the best way to decide which trip you should choose: Are you comfortable on boats (ie the ferry)? Yes: Painted … Continue reading

Global Weirding

In early 2013 global carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere reached 400 ppm, surpassing the well regarded “threshold” number of 350 by 15%. It’s a scary number because scientists didn’t expect us to reach this number for another decade. It’s also scary because it’s only getting worse… unless we do something. But what can we … Continue reading

Orca Channel Islands National Park

Sea Hunt

They porpoised westward with a real purpose. They knew where they were going. Nothing was going to deny them, and it was really fun to take it all in. I wasn’t alone. It was Easter weekend and lead guide training was finished for leading kayak trips at the Channel Islands National Park. The Island Packer … Continue reading

Scorpion Rock

Life on Scorpion Rock

As I approached the west end of Scorpion Rock, I could see the swift rippling current sweep down coast.  Then without warning a gray whale breached about 60 feet from me, its wake tipping my kayak back and forth, its mouth agape and flushed with seawater.  If that wasn’t enough, a second gray breached but … Continue reading

’90 Minutes of Separation’ Check out Channel Islands Outfitters’ guide Chuck Graham (Pebbles) in the news! In our previous edition of 90 Minutes of Separation, we shared our dining experience at the Anacapa Brewing Company. The tasty vittles and brew were a fitting leadup to the following day when we were scheduled to board the … Continue reading


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